Coppin'a Feel (Teaser Trailer)

Benson and Tatum bring a new definition to the good cop, bad cop concept. When a suspect shows up at their precinct, Benson will do whatever it takes to get a confession out of him. For Benson, "whatever" can be a little unconventional.

Short Film - Nexus//Recursion

Set in the Blade Runner universe, "Nexus//Recursion" is a fan film that I had the pleasure of acting in, producing and co-directing.

Sketch - Men and their Dogs

This "documentary" describes the relationship between men and their best friend. Written and Directed by yours truly.

Sketch - God Gets Fired

I had a bit of fun reading for the NBC Diversity Showcase in which you pick a role out of multiple scripts and record a video entry into their process. Written by Ron Maede.

Demo Reel - Comedy

This is a quick look at some of my comedic roles...

Nobody Can Deny
Actor, Co-Producer

I was honored to work with Cold Fox Films in producing this short film for the 48 Hour Film Project. It won the audience award when it played at the legendary Texas Theater. A most excellent experience to see a large crowd laugh at my silly character: "Jerry".

The new new eyePhone (2013)
Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

As a tech guy, I found it really curious how Apple had named their 3rd Generation iPad, "the new iPad". When a new iPhone launch was announced, I had to shoot a sequel to the original new eyePhone (below) and call it: the new new eyePhone.

Cubicle Cowboy

An acclaimed French filmmaker unearths the last true cowboy of the modern Texas frontier. You can see me as Skylar T. Jennings' best friend: Nacho Lopez.

The new eyePhone (2011)
Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

Let's just say I had just gotten a lot of wigs, a new fancy Canon 7D and I wanted to play...

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