SXSW2020 Going Online | April 2
They partner with Amazon for a limited festival run
After the very sane decision to cancel the SXSW, which usually runs in early March, it appears the organizers have found a venue for their selected films. In an announcement today, SXSW says they are joining forces with Amazon Prime Video to launch [...more]

Ford to Produce 50,000 Ventilators | March 30
GE Healthcare partners with Ford for aggressive production
In a press release today, Ford and General Electric Healthcare announced they will be producing 50,000 much needed ventilators in the next 100 days. The FDA cleared ventilator, GE/Airon Model A-E, will be produced in Michigan with the full backing of [...more]

What is everyone buying? | March 30
Quarantine got you down? Check these out!
If you're having trouble passing the time in quarantine, maybe it'll help to know what other people are buying on Amazon to help with their productivity, or lack thereof. It should come as no surprise that tablets are in high demand, as is portable [...more]

Box Office Record & Theater News | March 27
Not a huge surprise here, except for theater employees
In what should come as no surprise to anyone, the Box Office recorded a big fat Zero. What is surprising to me, is that this is the first time in its entire history that this happens. Apparently, box office numbers date back almost 100 years ago, all [...more]

Ford & GM Tiny EV Plans | March 26
They're coming. In small numbers. Won't even compete.
For all the hoopla coming out of Detroit over the last few months about their EV plans, turns out that their grand plan was mostly for show. While the two biggest auto-makers in the US have an EV production plan that spans as far into the future as [...more]

Dyson Produced Ventilators | March 26
Designed in 10 Days and headed to the UK.
Known for moving air powerfully in many directions, Dyson has announced today that they have designed and started producing ventilators to help with the CoVid19 crisis in the UK. Apparently, the company went from a phone call into a working design in [...more]

Prime Video Cinema | March 24
Amazon Launches an In-Theater Movie Rental Section
Not to be outdone by other Pay Per View options, Amazon has added a "Cinema" section to their Prime Video collection. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will notice that their Video app (or video interface on your Fire TV) now offers a [...more]

Elon Musk Delivers | March 23
50,000 N95 Masks Delivered in Washington
UPDATE: Elon has also delivered 1000 Ventilators to Los Angeles as promised. Apparently owning both an automobile (HVAC units) and capsule factories (life support) comes with some benefits! Original Article In what appears to now be a pattern [...more]

Free Peloton Trial | March 21
Peloton Gives You 90 Days To Stream With Their App
Adding to the list of companies to try something new during the outbreak, Peloton is offering three times as long for you to try out their app. Despite them selling a really great stationary bike and treadmill, these classes do not require any [...more]

Audible Stories are Free | March 20
Free Audio Books For Your Kids!
Audible announced today, that they're making a lot of their Audio Book Stories free for the time being. On their website today: For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible [...more]

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