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The Colors of Tesla | April 14
Tesla touts the most advanced paint-shop in Berlin
Elon seemed to be in a colorful mood, talking about colors and paints. And by talking, you know I mean tweeting. Talking about the soon to be built GigaFactory in Berlin (or as it's now known, Giga Berlin), Elon mentions that they are developing the [...more]

Elon Musk Delivers | March 23
50,000 N95 Masks Delivered in Washington
UPDATE: Elon has also delivered 1000 Ventilators to Los Angeles as promised. Apparently owning both an automobile (HVAC units) and capsule factories (life support) comes with some benefits! Original Article In what appears to now be a pattern [...more]

Starlink Mission Success | March 18
60 satellites join the constellation, but...
SpaceX got to launch their fifth (operational) Starlink mission this morning out of Cape Canaveral. Coincidentally, this was the fifth launch for their first stage Falcon 9 rocket, which likely ended up being its last. The rocket missed the landing [...more]

Tesla Roof Production Increase | March 16
Production builds for 1,000 homes in a week!
While it's hard to take a drive and not spot a Tesla vehicle on the roads, there is one other Tesla product that was announced back in 2016 yet is still fairly hard to find: The Tesla Solar Roof. Even though they've only done relatively few [...more]

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