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Edmunds has a Model Y | April 9
Check out their 20 minute review!
As most Tesla fans will know, the Model Y began shipping late last month. Edmunds must've been one of the first deliveries, because they've already posted a first look at their vehicle. It is a Red (multi-coat) Performance Model Y, and it looks [...more]

Ford & GM Tiny EV Plans | March 26
They're coming. In small numbers. Won't even compete.
For all the hoopla coming out of Detroit over the last few months about their EV plans, turns out that their grand plan was mostly for show. While the two biggest auto-makers in the US have an EV production plan that spans as far into the future as [...more]

Elon Heads to Court Again | March 13
2.2 Million TSLA Shares in the Balance on Monday
This coming Monday, Elon heads to a Delaware court, to defend his decision to purchase SolarCity for $2.2 Billion four years ago. He is accused of pushing for this acquisition, using Tesla's buying power, only to benefit himself and those on the [...more]

Samsung's Solid State Battery | March 13
They solved one of the problems of this elusive technology
Korean company Samsung, maker of all things electronic, such as celphones, refrigerators and exploding batteries (I remember you, Note 7), has announced a study in which they've solved one of the more nagging problems of this type of battery: [...more]

Cybertruck: Made in Texas? | March 10
Elon tweets general area for next Gigafactory
In a tweet just a couple of hours ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentions the scouting of locations for the next US based Gigafactory. It appears it will receive the label of the Cybertruck Gigafactory. Here's the tweet: Scouting locations for [...more]

1,000,000 Tesla Cars Made | March 10
999,999 Cars Out and a Roadster in Space
They've done it. They've done the impossible. Tesla has manufactured a million cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to twitter last night to announce the feat: Congratulations Tesla team on making our 1,000,000th car!!— Elon [...more]

Seesaw Market Preview | March 10
Dow Futures markedly up
After a record 2,000 point drop yesterday, the Dow Futures are up over 1,000 in pre-market trading. Are we entering a market of record volatility? The reasons for this are speculative at best: Italy on total lockdown (which I guess means the virus [...more]

GM Announces Last Years Technology | March 6
Their new 'Ultium' Battery is obsolete before launch
Woohoo! GM will make EVs with "up to 400 miles of range"! Finally, someone is willing to do what no one has done before... oh wait, Tesla's Model S has a 393 mile range, and it has had that since last year? Hmm... then why is GM... wait. This doesn't [...more]

Model 3 Track Package | March 3
Want to take your Model 3 to the next level?
Alright, you're the lucky owner of Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. Yeah, the most mouthful named Model 3 available. But what if on top of it being a mouthful, you want to make it trackful? Ignoring that that's not a word, let's [...more]

Tesla's Model Y is Upon Us | March 2
The Model Y begins shipping this month. Are you ready?
Are you on the waiting list for a brand new Tesla Model Y? You should be. Why? For starters, they start shipping this month! That's right, March 2020 is when the latest, though maybe not greatest, electric SUV will find its way to customers across [...more]

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