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Review: Zero Zero Zero | May 12
A stealth hit on the Amazon Prime shores?
The other day, a friend of mine asked if I had watched this show called "Zero Zero Zero", and unlike the extremely long list of shows on my lists, I had never heard of it. "Zero Zero Zero" was released on Amazon Prime back before quarantine even [...more]

Free HBO Streaming | April 3
Have you finished Netflix yet? If so, HBO is opening the doors to a lot of their programming for free, starting today. In a new campaign labeled #StayHomeBoxOffice, HBO is making hundreds of hours from their line-up free to everyone! All you need is [...more]

What is everyone buying? | March 30
Quarantine got you down? Check these out!
If you're having trouble passing the time in quarantine, maybe it'll help to know what other people are buying on Amazon to help with their productivity, or lack thereof. It should come as no surprise that tablets are in high demand, as is portable [...more]

Netflix Throttles Bitrates | March 20
Your movie stream may not look as good for a while
In what's going to be the norm (in Europe) for a while, Netflix has announced that they will be limiting transmission bitrates throughout Europe for the next 30 days. The bitrate is the amount of data that travels to your TV per second. Due to the [...more]

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