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New Amazon Tablet for $90! | May 13
Less than a fourth of the cost of an iPad Mini!
It seems everyone is looking for a tablet these days. With various models of iOS and Android tablets sold out everywhere, Amazon has launched a couple of new models of their best selling Fire HD 8" tablet. This model is somewhat of a direct [...more]

CoVid19 Contact Tracing | April 12
Apple and Google are opening up their platforms to help
One of the most anxiety inducing aspects of the CoVid19 pandemic is the uncertainty of not knowing if you have been exposed to the virus or not. Every time we go out, we feel in danger. Is there someone sick at the store? Did they use this same [...more]

What is everyone buying? | March 30
Quarantine got you down? Check these out!
If you're having trouble passing the time in quarantine, maybe it'll help to know what other people are buying on Amazon to help with their productivity, or lack thereof. It should come as no surprise that tablets are in high demand, as is portable [...more]

Ford & GM Tiny EV Plans | March 26
They're coming. In small numbers. Won't even compete.
For all the hoopla coming out of Detroit over the last few months about their EV plans, turns out that their grand plan was mostly for show. While the two biggest auto-makers in the US have an EV production plan that spans as far into the future as [...more]

Prime Video Cinema | March 24
Amazon Launches an In-Theater Movie Rental Section
Not to be outdone by other Pay Per View options, Amazon has added a "Cinema" section to their Prime Video collection. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will notice that their Video app (or video interface on your Fire TV) now offers a [...more]

Mac Mini Updated | March 18
Storage is doubled, everything else is the same
There's not a ton to report here, but the Mac Mini is my favorite Apple computer, so I thought it'd be worth talking about it for a bit. In a quiet update, Apple has decided to stop using the [very old] 128GB storage option, and make the 256GB SSD [...more]

Ryzen 9 3900X Discounted! | March 9
20% Discount on a Top Ranking 12-Core CPU
Are you looking for an excellent deal on a CPU? Look no further than this ultra powerful 12-core CPU. Boasting a very fast 3.8GHz base frequency per core, this is going to give you performance like few other CPUs (Desktop or otherwise) can give you. [...more]

Wall Street Fun | March 5
Is the Dow Jones Sick? Or are we sick with fear?
Another day, another large swing of the market. Is the market crashing? Perhaps. According to Wikipedia, a Stock Market Crash is "a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of a stock market". Has this happened? You [...more]

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