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CoVid19: Making Sense of the Numbers | March 28
A Hard Look at the Numbers and Statistics of this Virus
While there seems to be a ton of information out there in regards to what is happening with this virus, it doesn't seem to be understood by everyone. It appears that most people doing the explaining operate on a strictly technical level, and don't [...more]

Dyson Produced Ventilators | March 26
Designed in 10 Days and headed to the UK.
Known for moving air powerfully in many directions, Dyson has announced today that they have designed and started producing ventilators to help with the CoVid19 crisis in the UK. Apparently, the company went from a phone call into a working design in [...more]

Tracking CoVid19 | March 17
The best sources I've found to track the pandemic
If you're like me, you may be obsessed with tracking the progress of the Coronavirus pandemic. I've found a few websites that are frequently updated and will give you information in various formats, depending on what you want to see. Let's get [...more]

Market Wake Up to Peloton | March 16
PTON is having a good day in Wall Street amid virus
During this whole Coronavirus ordeal, the stock market has been hit from all sides. Amidst what it looks like to be another record breaking loss kind of day, one stock I watch is rising considerably: PTON. While the virus is certainly going to have [...more]

Game Developers Showcased in VR | March 15
Use your Oculus Quest to be a part of this event
In what is likely to become way more common over the next few months (years?), Facebook has decided to hold a press event in Virtual Reality. With events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC) being canceled, companies like Facebook lose a venue [...more]

Have a GeForce? Destroy COVID-19 | March 14
NVidia puts a call out to gamers to help with the outbreak
If you have a gaming PC, you might be able to help with the current COVID-19 outbreak. This pandemic, currently affecting 149 countries, is quickly expanding in a movie-like fashion. People are reacting in the same way. However, there's hope! In a [...more]

Seesaw Market Preview | March 10
Dow Futures markedly up
After a record 2,000 point drop yesterday, the Dow Futures are up over 1,000 in pre-market trading. Are we entering a market of record volatility? The reasons for this are speculative at best: Italy on total lockdown (which I guess means the virus [...more]

Dow Jones drops 2000pts | March 9
The Rich People's Casino is Getting Hammered
The market, already infected with novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), got hit from another side: Oil Futures. Caught in a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, oil futures were down as much as 27% this morning, driving the market down with [...more]

Wall Street Fun | March 5
Is the Dow Jones Sick? Or are we sick with fear?
Another day, another large swing of the market. Is the market crashing? Perhaps. According to Wikipedia, a Stock Market Crash is "a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of a stock market". Has this happened? You [...more]

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