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Free Peloton Trial | March 21
Peloton Gives You 90 Days To Stream With Their App
Adding to the list of companies to try something new during the outbreak, Peloton is offering three times as long for you to try out their app. Despite them selling a really great stationary bike and treadmill, these classes do not require any [...more]

Market Wake Up to Peloton | March 16
PTON is having a good day in Wall Street amid virus
During this whole Coronavirus ordeal, the stock market has been hit from all sides. Amidst what it looks like to be another record breaking loss kind of day, one stock I watch is rising considerably: PTON. While the virus is certainly going to have [...more]

Wall Street Fun | March 5
Is the Dow Jones Sick? Or are we sick with fear?
Another day, another large swing of the market. Is the market crashing? Perhaps. According to Wikipedia, a Stock Market Crash is "a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of a stock market". Has this happened? You [...more]

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