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Ford to Produce 50,000 Ventilators | March 30
GE Healthcare partners with Ford for aggressive production
In a press release today, Ford and General Electric Healthcare announced they will be producing 50,000 much needed ventilators in the next 100 days. The FDA cleared ventilator, GE/Airon Model A-E, will be produced in Michigan with the full backing of [...more]

Ford & GM Tiny EV Plans | March 26
They're coming. In small numbers. Won't even compete.
For all the hoopla coming out of Detroit over the last few months about their EV plans, turns out that their grand plan was mostly for show. While the two biggest auto-makers in the US have an EV production plan that spans as far into the future as [...more]

Dyson Produced Ventilators | March 26
Designed in 10 Days and headed to the UK.
Known for moving air powerfully in many directions, Dyson has announced today that they have designed and started producing ventilators to help with the CoVid19 crisis in the UK. Apparently, the company went from a phone call into a working design in [...more]

Elon Musk Delivers | March 23
50,000 N95 Masks Delivered in Washington
UPDATE: Elon has also delivered 1000 Ventilators to Los Angeles as promised. Apparently owning both an automobile (HVAC units) and capsule factories (life support) comes with some benefits! Original Article In what appears to now be a pattern [...more]

The $35K Tesla | March 16
Here is the cheapest Tesla you can buy
A lot of my friends are still surprised when I tell them they can get a brand new Tesla for $35,000. It's true, Tesla doesn't advertise this version and unless you're "in the know", it's hard to find out (or remember) that it still exists. Edmunds [...more]

Tesla Roof Production Increase | March 16
Production builds for 1,000 homes in a week!
While it's hard to take a drive and not spot a Tesla vehicle on the roads, there is one other Tesla product that was announced back in 2016 yet is still fairly hard to find: The Tesla Solar Roof. Even though they've only done relatively few [...more]

Elon Heads to Court Again | March 13
2.2 Million TSLA Shares in the Balance on Monday
This coming Monday, Elon heads to a Delaware court, to defend his decision to purchase SolarCity for $2.2 Billion four years ago. He is accused of pushing for this acquisition, using Tesla's buying power, only to benefit himself and those on the [...more]

Samsung's Solid State Battery | March 13
They solved one of the problems of this elusive technology
Korean company Samsung, maker of all things electronic, such as celphones, refrigerators and exploding batteries (I remember you, Note 7), has announced a study in which they've solved one of the more nagging problems of this type of battery: [...more]

Battery Farm Success | March 11
Tesla's Battery Farm Featured in Popular Mechanics
A lot of people, investors in general, seem to forget that Tesla is not just an electric vehicle maker. While they get the most publicity for their vehicles, what with a million of them out there and all, they also build batteries; big huge [...more]

Cybertruck: Made in Texas? | March 10
Elon tweets general area for next Gigafactory
In a tweet just a couple of hours ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentions the scouting of locations for the next US based Gigafactory. It appears it will receive the label of the Cybertruck Gigafactory. Here's the tweet: Scouting locations for [...more]

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