written by JoseQMay 13,2020
Unreal Engine 5 Preview


Epic Games has released a preview of their up and coming Unreal Engine V and I have to say this looks astonishing! This is a nine minute video which is mostly a real-time rendering of a Tomb Raider game in real time. The details on this cave are jaw dropping. Just consider that a 4K animation like that would take days to render just a handful of years ago! This is now animated in real-time in what would rival a CGI movie from the last decade. Outside of the lack of depth of field, I'd say this looks as photo realistic as we can get.

Check out the video below for this madness. Be sure to force it to display in 4K if you have the resolution.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

Consider this, Toy Story 1 was released 25 years ago. Each frame of that movie took anywhere from 45 minutes to 30 HOURS to render! These frames are visually superior by far and are rendered in 1/30th to 1/60th of a second!

I am in shock. This looks incredible, especially when considering it's not coming out of a $3,000 workstation but a presumed to be $500-$600 Sony console. The Unreal Engine is a platform agnostic engine, so it will also find its way to the Xbox and PCs I'm sure, but this looks incredible already. I wasn't too excited about the next generation of consoles but damn it's hard to not be excited now.

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