written by JoseQMay 13,2020
New Amazon Tablet for $90!


It seems everyone is looking for a tablet these days. With various models of iOS and Android tablets sold out everywhere, Amazon has launched a couple of new models of their best selling Fire HD 8" tablet.

This model is somewhat of a direct competitor to the Apple iPad Mini which was last updated a year ago. They feature similar form factors but Apple's premium on their product puts it at more than four times the price of the new Amazon device. I do own both the current Fire HD 8 and an iPad Mini and they're not quite in the same league. The iPad is thinner, lighter and generally has a more polished and elegant feel. But is it worth four times the price? No.

The new Amazon Fire HD 8" tablet is 30% faster than the previous model, it has 20% longer battery life and has twice the storage. The Fire HD 8 Plus version adds 50% more RAM and wireless charging. Both models now come with the much more convenient USB-C charging, finally catching up to cel phones from three years ago.

You can pre-order the new tablets starting today, and they will begin shipping in about three weeks.

Amazon Fire HD 8
Best bang for the buck tablet!
Get it at Amazon: $89.99

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus
Best bang for the buck with wireless charging and more RAM.
Get it at Amazon: $109.99

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

If you're looking for a tablet, these are a no-brainer. At this price you're getting a great device that will give you many hours of entertainment or reading. It almost makes no sense to get a Kindle to read books when you can have one of these for the same price and add so many features. They are of course considerably heavier than a Kindle and they don't do as well in direct sunlight, but if you're environment allows, I definitely recommend this over a Kindle. If considering different tablets, I'd recommend this one over any other simply because of the price and the fact that these days, the performance and feature differences between tablets are virtually negligible.

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