written by JoseQApril 14,2020
The Colors of Tesla


Elon seemed to be in a colorful mood, talking about colors and paints. And by talking, you know I mean tweeting. Talking about the soon to be built GigaFactory in Berlin (or as it's now known, Giga Berlin), Elon mentions that they are developing the "most advanced" paint shop in the world. Check this out!

He further explained that the Fremont and Shangai factories will eventually be upgraded to this capabilities, but that it's hard to retrofit an existing shop. And of course, this conversation begged the obvious question about yet another future paint shop:

Which is what I had heard before and seems to now be confirmed. It also reminded me at a wrapping option I was contemplating a few months back:

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I am very curious about these new color capabilities. I do remember my first Porsche had a peculiar paint job itself. It looked black from afar, but in reality it was green, though you could only realize it in the right light. I am guessing that's what he's talking about and it does sound coincidental that this is happening first in Germany. What color would you like to see a Tesla in?

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