written by JoseQApril 14,2020
CoVid19 Tool Updated


In my Tracking CoVid19 update last month, I presented my favorite tools for tracking the spread of the pandemic. While I still check on World'O Meters many times a day, US citizens are many times looking for more granular information that is just not made available there.

Johns Hopkins, has updated their excellent Map so that it now includes a very detailed U.S. Map where you can see detailed information on each county. Here is a sample from Dallas County:

As you can see, these not only detail the number of CoVid19 cases and fatalities, but also overall health information about the county itself. If you're into getting more and more info, this is a great resource to give it a check.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

As they say, information is power. We are certainly flooded with information about the pandemic, and it can sometimes feel like it's too much, and too much of the same. Just more and more numbers. Specificity matters though, and this can help you get a better glimpse at how your area is doing in battling the spread of this virus.

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