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Monday Movies & Memes


Want to watch some interesting Movies and Memes? I know, I know, these are videos and not quite "movies" but videos would break my alliteration. Yes, I could've gone with moving pictures, but that's just doesn't sound as cool. I also looked and there are no days of the week that start with "V", so we're stuck with Monday Movies & Memes! So let's get on with it.

First up, as our CoVid19 "Stay at Home", is a little cool videogame'y uhm... movie, that's quite clever. Check it out:

But if you want to practice social distancing like the fastest man on the planet, you can also do what Usain Bolt suggests:

Perhaps that's what they're doing in Greenland where they've had only 11 cases, and all 11 of them have recovered!

Which would come in handy, because in places where people aren't staying at home, or able to run as fast, this is what's happening:

But enough about CoVid19. How about some cool SpaceX movie magic? They have some newly released videos (movies I say!) at 4K quality, showing some of their most magnificent landings. This really used to only exist in sci-fi movies just a few years ago:

And last but not least, as well as completely unrelated to anything above, here is how I feel every single time I play this damn game.

If you've seen some cool movies or memes (or videos) and want them to be featured next week, feel free to reach out to me.

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