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Samsung CHG90 49 inch monitor


You've probably seen this monitor somewhere. It's been around for a few years. I'm guessing it has probably sold in minuscule quantities, which makes sense considering both its price tag and its massive size. The Samsung CHG90 is a 49" monitor that serves a very small segment of the gaming population. Are you part of that group? Let's take a look!


Aspect Ratio32:9
Resolution3840 x 1080
Panel Type"QLED"
Refresh Rate144Hz
Adaptive SyncFreeSynctm 2

So let's start with first reactions. Just about everyone will have a choice curse word to say when they first encounter this on a desk. The 49" size may be a bit misleading, as there certainly are TVs of much larger sizes. But this being a 32:9 aspect ratio, and curved to boot; the actual screen stretches almost four feet from side to side. This is closer to the width of a 55" TV which would look incredibly massive on a desk.

If you take a close look at the image above, the monitor is virtually as wide as the four foot table it's sitting on. Now, I've always enjoyed having large monitors since well, always, but with the ultrawide aspect ratio, this monitor feels a bit shallow on the vertical resolution. Even as we have our eyes setup horizontallly, phones and tablets have sort of pushed everything towards a more vertical style of layout. If you thought you had wasted real estate on a widescreen monitor, imagine having one screen that's twice as wide. But hey, this is a gaming monitor, so let's talk about games!

I have always enjoyed an immersive experience. I am the kind of guy that hooked up three monitors to three Xbox 360s, each with a copy of Forza Motorsport III, just so that I could play games in a way not so different from what the CHG90 offers.

Please excuse the picture from 11 years ago. Setting that up was as messy (and costly) a process as you can imagine. The Samsung CHG90 simplifies all that by giving you a screen that'll have you stretch your neck muscles in both directions. This monitor is a godsend for driving simulations. Playing Forza Motorsport/Horizon on a Windows PC is a dream. With a 144Hz refresh rate, you'll have the smoothest and most immersive experience you can ask for.

I am not personally a huge FPS type of gamer, but I can imagine those also being excellent options, provided the game itself supports the ultrawide aspect ratio. While some games do support it, the distortion at the edges is so bad, that it sort of defeats the purpose. RPGs & RTS games don't really benefit from having a screen this wide; and while Diablo 3 will render the full resolution, it's pretty useless. Here's LoL.

Samsung for its part, is no stranger to building great looking TVs and monitors, and this one is no exception. Featuring their QLED technology, the contrast on this monitor gets close to (though does not beat) LG's OLED technology. It also features HDR though I've had mixed results with various monitors on Windows and usually keep it off.

For non-gaming purposes, I'd say this monitor is a dud. I thought it'd be cool to run Premiere and use it as an editing monitor, but I found myself wanting that additional vertical resolution. While this monitor has the same horizontal resolution as a 4K monitor, it has literally half of the vertical resolution. If you're used to 4K, this will feel heavily limited; especially if you want to use half of the monitor for your preview. At that point, you're essentially working with two ~27" 1080p monitors, which in this day and age feels rather old.

There are plenty of 1440p monitors that sell for less than half. For example, take this 32" Dell Gaming Monitor. You can buy two of them for less than what the CHG90 sells for, you'd have a huge bezel split down the middle, but you would have a lot more screen real estate, a faster refresh rate, and if you want to upgrade half of your desktop to 4K, you still can.

The upside of the limited resolution, is that it doesn't take the ultimate video card to have great results. You're essentially rendering half of a 4K monitor. My tests were done on a Dell XPS system with an i7 8700K CPU running with a GTX 1080 slim (not even a "ti" card or full power). For Microsoft Games (Forza, Gears 5) it played with max settings and holding steady at ~90fps. If you a faster CPU or a faster video card, you can get close to maxing out that refresh rate.

If you're interested in getting it, you can find this at Best Buy, Amazon or eBay. It usually sells for $999 though you may find it for less on eBay.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I feel like this monitor is made strictly for gamers who strictly play FPS or driving games. And I don't just mean they strictly play those when they're gaming, but that that is literally all they do. Using this monitor for anything non-gaming is pretty ridiculous. You will find yourself needing to scroll a lot on any website, or having hugely empty sides when watching videos, etc. etc. etc. It's just for games.

While I do enjoy the occasional driving simulator, I'm very far from an FPS gamer, so I am giving away this monitor to one lucky winner. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is share this article on your social media platform of choice and leave a comment below the article telling me where you shared it (both are free of course). Please remember to leave a comment right here, just below the break, as I may not be aware of your share otherwise.

Here's the catch, we have to get to 1,000 unique shares/comments! It will help if you mention the giveaway in your share, so that more people share it. If we get to a thousand, I will pick a winner in May from the comments (and I will double check and make sure it was shared by them). If you're the winner, I'll be in touch and figure out how to ship this massive thing over to you. This is of course, void where prohibited by law and due to item size/weight/content, limited to continental USA. If you're a lawyer and you see a problem here, get in touch with me even sooner!

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