written by JoseQApril 7,2020
PS5 Controller Revealed


Today, Sony officially announced The new controller will include haptic feedback, which sounds like an enhanced version of the rumblers we've had now for quite some time. The L2 and R2 shoulder buttons will now be "adaptive" allowing you to "truly feel the tension of your actions". Interesting.

I can't help but notice a similarity to an Xbox controller here.

In other modifications, the "Share" button has now been replaced by a "Create" button, which sounds more like a nomenclature change than anything else. Or perhaps just adjusting to changes in the industry and not sounding like it has limited functionality. It is also the first time they've adopted a dual color scheme for their controllers though I'm curious as to how long that white part will remain white.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I'm glad Sony finally gave their controllers a significant refresh. It felt like we had been using the same controllers for a few generations now. This is a noticeable redesign on an already decent concept. I'm looking forward to feeling these new features and seeing what this Tempest 3D is all about.

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