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Elon Musk Delivers


UPDATE: Elon has also delivered 1000 Ventilators to Los Angeles as promised. Apparently owning both an automobile (HVAC units) and capsule factories (life support) comes with some benefits!

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In what appears to now be a pattern during a crisis, Elon has kept true to his word and delivered a truckload of N95 masks to a University of Washington Medical Center. As you may remember, last year Musk delivered half a million dollar worth of water filtration systems to schools in Flint Michigan. He also famously tried to help during the rescue mission in Thailand which landed him in court for his public insult of British diver Vern Unsworth. But that's old Elon, or so we'd like to think.

Either way, during the CoVid19 crisis, Elon has offered to somehow start manufacturing ventilators at his factory in Fremont (maybe in part because Tesla is currently forbidden from building cars). Apparently he's also been looking for ways to deliver N95 masks where needed.

In a Seattle Times story, we learn that Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf was the surprise recipient of a truckload of N95 masks. She was contacted by a friend who has a connection at Tesla, which resulted in this no-questions-asked delivery yesterday. My guess is there are likely others that have received similar shipments and we'll learn about it during the coming days.

Check out the story for all the heart warming details.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

Generous Elon is one of my favorite Elons. While it's sometimes difficult to understand his behavior, it is always nice to see his philanthropist side trying to help the world. After all, his entrepreneur side is trying to save the world by moving us to renewable energy sources and finding us a second home in the solar system, so... It makes it hard to complain about his twitter addiction.

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