written by JoseQMarch 21,2020
Free Peloton Trial


Adding to the list of companies to try something new during the outbreak, Peloton is offering three times as long for you to try out their app.

Despite them selling a really great stationary bike and treadmill, these classes do not require any sort of Peloton equipment. In fact, if you already own non-Peloton versions of those, you can still use their cycling and treadmill classes with your own hardware.

Their app is available on iOS, Android and even Amazon's FireTV so you can watch on your big screen more easily. Here are the links:

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I am a Peloton bicycle owner, and I can vouch for the quality of their instructors. While I've never done anything other than cycling, I've heard good things about their other types of classes. Getting three months worth to try it out, has to be worth it. And as I've said in other looks, you can't beat free.

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