written by JoseQMarch 18,2020
Mac Mini Updated


There's not a ton to report here, but the Mac Mini is my favorite Apple computer, so I thought it'd be worth talking about it for a bit.

In a quiet update, Apple has decided to stop using the [very old] 128GB storage option, and make the 256GB SSD their standard option. As a nice touch, the price didn't change at all. So the base system is still $799, now with double the storage as of today. Hopefully you didn't purchase one yesterday.

The Mac Mini is a relatively inexpensive Mac. One that isn't married to a monitor, which lets you upgrade at roughly half the cost of what you would spend if you had one of their laptop or all-in-one desktop versions. Though they used to start at $599 which was a way more palatable price for a tiny computer. It is still powerful and versatile enough to serve most purposes if you want a taste of the Apple ecosystem.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I've always liked the Mac Mini. It's inexpensive. It has all the ports. It is a really good system to make music on (which frankly, it's all I use it for). I've never liked that Apple seems to keep it as a placeholder and rarely updates or upgrades it. And I certainly never like that Apple's updates come out of nowhere at random times (sometimes years!) and make a recent purchaser hurt.

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