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Xbox Series X Expansion Cards


Included in yesterday's announcement was a bit on storage expansion cards that will be available once the Xbox Series X arrives this Holiday season. Is anyone calling it SX yet? Just me. Alright.

Seagate has partnered with Microsoft to provide 1TB expansion cards that simply plug into the back of the console, using a proprietary slot. While you can still use USB 3.1 external drives, Microsoft warns the Cards will be the only way to get the performance needed to play games designed for the new Xbox. So while you may store all your backwards compatibility games (Xbox / 360 / Xbox One) on a hard drive, you'll need the internal drive or the Seagate cards to play the serious stuff.

To me, these remind me of the "RedMags" used on Red Cameras, which are nothing more than an NVMe drive enclosure with a port adapter. So it's basically the same drive as found inside the console, except in a little cartridge. You may also have multiple cards if you want to keep your games handy instead of downloading them each time you want to switch games. 1TB in the console and 1TB externally will give you storage for a good amount of games though.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I am glad Microsoft is keeping the option to expand your storage while keeping the performance of the internal drive. USB is fast, but the performance of NVMe is simply hard to match. At writing time, you can get a decently fast 1TB NVMe stick for roughly $100, while the top performers cost closer to $200. I seriously hope that Microsoft/Seagate keep this closer to the lower end of that price range, and don't resort to the price abuse that Red does with its mags.

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