written by JoseQMarch 16,2020
Starlink Launch Gets New Date


If you were watching Sunday during SpaceX's live webcast of their latest Starlink launch, you were likely surprised and perhaps briefly scared when at the last second (literally at countdown 0:00), the Falcon 9 launch was aborted. The system's computer reported an engine power issue which prevented the launch and likely saved the rocket and its payload. A batch of 60 Starlink satellites to add to the fast growing constellation.

The new launch is scheduled for Wednesday at 8:16am EST from Kennedy Space Center.

If you subscribe to their channel on Youtube, you'll get a notification once the live transmission is about to begin.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I never get tired of seeing these massive rockets land, so whenever possible I will tune-in and watch. If you're a fan of space and/or space travel, SpaceX is the company to keep an eye on. It's a good representation of what the greatest engineering minds in the world are doing.

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