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Battery Farm Success


A lot of people, investors in general, seem to forget that Tesla is not just an electric vehicle maker. While they get the most publicity for their vehicles, what with a million of them out there and all, they also build batteries; big huge batteries.

In 2017, Australia was being hit by frequent outages, partly due by a massive thunderstorm that caused severe damage to a small urban grid in southern Australia. Amidst their problems, a billionaire reached out to Musk (perhaps jokingly) viw Twitter, of all places, and the rest is history. A record size battery farm was deployed faster than even Elon gambled on.

While 100 days sounded ambitious, the farm was deployed ahead of schedule (40 days ahead), and in the short period of time since, it has not only paid for itself; it continues to save Australians tens of millions of dollars a year. Head over to Popular Mechanics if you want to read more details on this amazing story.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

Wouldn't it be a dream to never have power outages? How about not having power outages AND saving money? This must be one of the best investments this Australian billionaire has ever made.

While outages are not as frequent for most people over here, they are annoying. With more and more electronics in the home, things just end up out of whack until you make the rounds fixing each of those things. You could argue that "smart" devices will solve this, but some of the ones I own are the primary cause for the annoyance.

Tesla does sell home products so you can get rid of outages for your home, but unlike the Australian venture, it's nearly impossible to make money with them. But hey, something to consider if you also have a windmill farm nearby. ;)

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