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Command & Conquer Remastered


If you're like me, you may have a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game addiction. And if you're in my age range, you can trace it back to the Command & Conquer series from the nineties.

Developed by Westwood Studios, the original Command and Conquer was originally an MS-DOS game, running on [now super-dated] VGA graphics. It included some of the coolest animations and sound effects at the time. The sequels later introduced full motion video cutscenes. These were also rare at the time.

All in all, C&C fans spent dozens and dozens of hours playing many of the games in this series. So if you're one of those, you'll be excited to see the trailer for the upcoming remastered series:

Here are some of the features listed on their website:

  • Graphics Switching (switch between legacy and 4k graphics)
  • Bonus Gallery (4 hours of b-roll footage)
  • Original Music
  • Remastered cinematics
  • Enhanced Sidebar UI

    JoseQ's Look at this Thing
    While I was a big fan of this series, this trailer didn't get me very excited. With today's technology, a remake would probably make more sense. There are some intrinsic technology limitations that were part of the era (number of units for example) that I am hoping are fixed; otherwise it's just virtually the same game, except it looks like you remember it, instead of how it actually looked. For $19.99, it may be hard not to get it though...

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