written by JoseQMarch 10,2020
Seesaw Market Preview


After a record 2,000+ point drop yesterday, the Dow Futures are up over 1,000 in pre-market trading. Are we entering a market of record volatility? The reasons for this are speculative at best: Italy on total lockdown (which I guess means the virus fears are finally tempered there?) and President Trump announcing a press conference in which a relief package will be discussed. How either of those things will benefit you are still up in the air; but investors seem to believe this will dissuade all their viral fears.

Notable stocks with big recovery swings are Tesla, AMD and Nio, all of which got hit pretty hard yesterday. Another ~10% jumper today is Virgin Galactic which has had its own high levels of volatility over the last few weeks. I guess space travel is one of those industries that depend on people not freaking out about a virus and all.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I say it's about a time for a little jump in the market. We've had three back-to-back-to-back horrible sessions, and a relief was overdue. Problem is, it's artificial in nature, which makes me question its sustainability. Will this thing stay propped up today? And wouldn't we see another big drop tomorrow? Such is the nature of the seesaw...

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